What do I wear when I first start karate?

On your first day of joining you are advised to wear tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt or loose fitting top. Footwear is not important as it is not required.

When will I need a karate suit?

A karate suit can be worn from the first day, but some students prefer to wait 2-3 weeks before purchasing a suit. You are unable to be graded without a karate suit.

Where can I purchase a karate suit and how much will this cost?

You can purchase a karate suit from your club instructor. The prices vary, a standard suit (most popular) costs £25.

Do I require any other equipment?

If you wish to take part in sparring (fighting) you MUST wear hand pads, you can purchase these through your club instructor. If you are taking part in fighting competition you MUST also have a gumshield. It is also advised you wear foot protectors but this is not compulsory for children’s competition.

When will I need a licence?

After sitting your junior orange belt grade.

How do I apply for a licence?

You can apply for this through your club instructor.

How much does a new licence cost?

A junior licence (under 16yrs) costs £15 a year A senior licence (16yrs+) costs £20 a year.

Do I have to renew my licence? If so, when?

Yes, your licence must be renewed annually.You can renew this through your club instructor or click on the RED LINK on our 'Home Page' to renew your licence online using Paypal.

How much is a licence renewal?

A licence renewal fee is £15 for students under 16yrs and £20 for students over 16yrs.

How much does it cost to sit a grade?

A junior grade (under 16yrs) will cost £15 (this includes a new belt and certificate) A senior grade (16yrs+) will cost £15 (this includes a new belt) You MUST bring your up to date licence to every grading.

Where do I sit my grade?

Gradings are mainly held at Meadowbank Sports Centre and Penicuik YMCA. You can decide which location/date is best suited to you.

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