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Dan Grade - June 2013

A huge congratulations to Erin, Abbie, Jamil, Brooke, Clare, Jacob, Ellen and Katie for achieving their 1st Dan and Clare for achieving her 2nd Dan. You have all trained hard
, and it has showed - well done!

Awards & presentations that have gone to Meadowbank Karate Group members.

Awards & Presentations
Stuart Macleod - 5th Dan

Congratulations to Stuart Macleod of the Meadowbank Karate Group on being awarded his 5th Dan at the Meadowbank Championships on the 03/03/2013. This was due in large to his hard work, dedication and contributions to the Scottish Karate Federation, and the sport of karate in general, not to mention his club. Everyone at the club is extremely pleased for and proud of Stuart, it is a well-deserved accolade for the years of experience Stuart has in the sport.

Dan Grade - November 2014

A huge congratulations to our new 1st Dan Black Belts. All your hard work and dedication has been rewarded - well done!